With over 50 years of combined manufacturing experience, we offer tailor-made engineering solutions designed to meet any customer’s needs. We craft bespoke solutions through detailed discussions with you, listening to your requirements, then designing, manufacturing and testing products that will excel your expectations.

Our solutions are as unique and as special as you require them to be, yet as basic as possible. No matter how complex or simple your project, we are always happy to help. We have capabilities to produce small batch requirements up into the 1000’s using most manufacturing materials.

We have a proven track record of assisting companies with their bespoke engineering requirements, you can view some of these here.

Contact us today. We would be delighted to hear from you.


Service is an integral part of how we operate. Service means delivering everything you need, when you need it. We are fast, flexible and focused on you. Whether you need large volumes, short runs, products we have in stock or special customisation jobs we can meet your needs.

We can send everything you need from one location, wherever you are in the world thanks to our successful transport logistics system. Depending on the volume and destination we can arrange suitable transport by van, truck or plane.


We are all about the quality. We use the best materials and the latest machinery. We work with experienced technicians and perform extensive tests. We have over fifty years of experience and aim to keep our good reputation.

We never opt for the cheapest materials so that we can offer excellent quality at a fair price. Be assured that whatever we make is of high quality - and that pays for itself.

We have strict quality control - everything we deliver has been extensively tested.


We can offer customised quality products because we have an outstanding, committed team. They make sure we can provide the best solutions again and again.

We can be flexible and innovative whenever needed. We are proud of our people and their craftsmanship.

We also work safely and responsibly. We test our ways of working and our methods against environment and quality standards, for which we've received ISO 9001:2015 certification. So you know you can rely on us!