BIL Engineering specialise in the production of engineered bespoke wheels and castors to suit your exacting requirements.  We will tailor-make what you need rather than try to make a standard product fit…but that is not all we do. We can also facilitate the complete assembly to unburden you from supply chain issues. What does that mean? We are experts at supplying axles for the wheels within a drive unit or even for the total assembly with exacting tolerances rather than trying to make supplier A fit the product of supplier B. We consider the total cost of ownership to be invaluable and our partnership approach is the basis of our success.

Our solutions

We offer solutions for all circumstances. You can use our wheels for gates, trucks, trolleys, street sweepers, drive units, theatrical sets, amusement parks, bakeries, kitchens, clean rooms, stables and greenhouses, on pavements, public roads, airports … the potential uses are endless.